I am a full stack developer, with particular interest in scalability, concurrency and system architecture. If you want to skip my formal resume, check out my projects, GitHub account, or Hacker News profile. I work as an independent contractor. If you are interested in my services, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or phone at 530-PARTOLA (727-8652).


Software Engineer/Individual Contributor

November 2012 - present, Active Frequency, LLC

Take lead on small to large projects. Make design, feature, and techincal decision. Work closely with clients to take projects from idea to implementation and support existing projects. Help the team implement best practices for infrastructure management, scalability, code quality, and security.

As a member of the Active Frequency team, I work on a plethora of fun, exciting, and challenging projects, ranging from ecommerce and healthcare, to educational gaming and customer relations management.

Lead Engineer/Manager of Engineering,

August 2010 - November 2012, TransLoc Inc, Raleigh, NC

Lead a team of 6 engineers in developing industry-leading transit visualization and vehicle tracking system. Designed and implemented infrastructure and core components of the tracking system, as well as overall system architecture. Organized the team and set development priorities. Coached team members in use of new technologies, scalability, security and architecture. Some of my favorite projects:

  • Designed and developed a master-master MySQL cluster over WAN which provides high availability database backend for all application servers and fast failed node detection and replacement. The cluster architecture supports sharding to help distribute load.
  • Introduced the development team to the concept of packaging software using Debian packages. Converted 100% of the development stack to use .deb packages to enable simpler operations.
  • Introduced the development team to the concept of configuration management and built a server infrastructure that is based on Puppet, allowing for simplified disaster recovery procedures and fast provisioning of new servers.
  • Designed a fast and scalable web architecture that is also highly available. Eliminated load-related server issues.
  • Worked on the arrival prediction algorithms, vehicle performance reports, Open API, datastore schema and many other core components of the software stack.

Web Application Developer, June 2008 - August 2010

Networked Information Services at Boston University, Boston, MA

Designed, developed and supported a multitude of LAMP-based web applications ranging from simple registration forms to powerful data analysis tools. Responsible for project management from gathering requirements, through development, delivering to client and post launch support. Defined, documented and refined best practices for development workflow. Always focused on quality and scalability of the product as well as client's requirements and business needs. Few examples of my many projects at BU:

  • Re-engineered the Google Maps API-based BU Maps, one of BU's most frequently visited web applications to be completely AJAX based, which resulted in up to 700% increase in search performance. Continuously sought to make the application more scalable and more client friendly. Worked with outside vendors to provide a BU Maps based interface for BU Shuttle Bus GPS tracking (launching April 2010).
  • Designed and developed a powerful survey gathering and analysis system which allows for unprecedented ease of filtering and combining response data. Implemented tools for tracking historical trends within the data set.
  • Worked with BU Board of Trustees to develop a WordPress based intranet to facilitate communication and centralization of information.
  • Maintained a large number of legacy applications and re-engineer them to run on PHP5 and use modern web application development technologies and techniques.
  • Unified student, staff, faculty, alumni and other directory lookups into a standard library to be used by all applications. This library abstracts away 5 different data sources and has become widely used by the rest of the development team.

Founder of SpillIt! (currently inactive)

March 2007 — May 2008

Created, developed and deployed SpillIt!, a social networking application with several innovative features such as bi-directional relationships and dynamic social circles. Developed the application on the LAMP stack. Worked on every aspect of the application, from themes, graphics and styles to code, database and server maintenance. While working on SpillIt! I was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Managed a team of three to develop the web-based application. Provided training for the other team members in technical and marketing aspects of the web application. Provided peer code reviews and led team meetings.
  • Maintained a secure LAMP based servers to provide a development platform for the web application.
  • Developed the database access API to provide an abstraction layer between the database and the application front end. Throughly documented the entire API.

Academic Technology Intern, Feb 2005 — May 2008

Information Technology Services at Clark University, Worcester, MA

Worked in a collaborative environment with 5 other ATI’s to research, design, develop and deploy web applications using ColdFusion and MS SQL database back end. Served as team leader on several web application projects. Consulted on adoption of open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Linux.

  • Researched, designed, reverse-engineered and developed a conversion platform using ColdFusion and XML for Ultimate Survey web-based software in order to migrate data from old versions of the software.
  • Supported legacy web applications by fixing bugs, discovering and eliminating security vulnerabilities, improving functionality and reliability.
  • Designed and developed JustPoll, open source cross platform real-time polling software, using Java and TCP/IP.
  • Trained 3 staff members in web application and database development


Clark University, Worcester, MA

  • Major: Bachelor of Arts, Physics awarded with High Honors May 2008.
  • Minor: Mathematics.
  • Senior Honors Thesis: Effects of random rung exchange in molecular based spin ladder Cu(Qnx)Cl~2-2x~Br~2x~.
  • Publications: Landee, C., Sataline, C., Keith, B., Partola, I. and Turnbull, M.: Order from disorder in the molecular-based spin ladder Cu(Qnx)Cl~2-2x~Br~2x~


Programming languages: Python, JavaScript, C, SQL, PHP, bash/sh.

Technologies: Django, Tornado, Puppet, jQuery/jQueryUI, Node.js, Twisted, and many others.

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite