What to Bring to a Mud Run, Part 2

My last post about mud runs generated quite a few pageviews, so I figured I'd post a quick update. Hopefully, this info will be helpful to people doing mud runs in the future. I recently completed my second mud run (Zombie Escape at Panic Point), which was a great experience. Here is what I learned there.

First, in addition to all the other things you should bring (towels, change of clothes, water, cash and a distinctive bag), you should also bring a snack. My preferred is trail mix and fresh fruits. You'll likely want to have something like a banana right before you run to make sure you have enough blood sugar to run fast.

Also, make sure that you bring all of these items with you to the race location. Leaving a change of clothes in the car is no good if you want to change after you shower. Panic Point had much better showers than the previous mud run I did, so this time I actually washed off. They also provided two tents, one for men, one for women, to change out of the muddy clothes. The bag check worked very well for me this time around so I felt no reason to keep all the things I brought in the parking lot.

Another interesting thing that I saw a lot of runners do is using head-mounted action cams. One guy actually had two of them, plus a tripod. I saw many videos (for example this one) on YouTube afterwards that look like they came from these cameras. I doubt it'll get you to Sundance, but it'd be at least fun to share it with family/friends. There was also a very cool, but short official video.

Lastly, this time around my team made our own T-shirts. We used white cotton-polyester blend shirts and iron-on transfers printed on a high quality inkjet. Surprisingly the transfers held up really well, though the shirts are no longer white. The best part: the price. We paid about $5/shirt, as compared to others at the event who ordered them online for $20-$30.