Two project sunset

I am sunsetting two of my pet projects due to lack of use. The first is I never had time to market it properly so it got zero use since the launch.

The second, is DiscID DB. I was the only user of this project, and while it was a great experience, setting up and maintaining a public API and I learned quite a bit, I decided not to continue working on it.

If you have a particular interest in either of these two projects, please contact me via email (see the About page).

Making Debian Packages

I recently spoke at the Triange Linux Users Group meeting about making Debian packages. This is a topic that's near and dear to my heart since I think that apt is one of the more powerful pieces of software that is underutilized in today's world, where deploying code with no build process seems to be the norm.

The notes to my presentation can be found as a separate page here. After following along with the presentation, you should be able to create basic software packages for Debian/Ubuntu. Hopefully, that skill will come in handy one day.

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